Homework for Lesson Week 7

Assignments for lesson "Week 7 (with Assignment and Project)"

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Assignment: Create your own database system

Assignment: Create your own database system
wherein all the lessons can be tested with at least 1 result.
Any data or information can be used for as long as it is understandable, reasonable, and realistic but not random.
Video record parts of how you actually made your own database system within 5-10min.
Submit it along with at least 10 screenshots of your tests with the sql statements used and the results of it.
Zip or Rar all of your files to make it 1 file for submission.
Rename its filename to studentfamilyname_IM102.zip or .rar.

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Project: Prospectus Website and Database

What you are going to do as a class is to make a database on the current BSIT Prospectus of different schools in Davao City (example: Ateneo de Davao University, University of Mindanao).

2 BSIT Prospectus per student (you decide as a class on who will gather data, make database on specific schools). The basis of the database is the PCT BSIT current Prospectus which is this:

Meaning the lists of columns are as follows:

ID (primary key, auto-increment), School, 1st yr/2nd yr/3rd yr/4th yr, 1st Sem/2nd Sem/Summer (or its equivalent for other schools), Course Code, Course Description, Lecture Units, Laboratory Units, Total Units, Prerequisites, (and others that I am currently unaware but other schools may have)

Once the database is done, as a class must create a simple front-end website wherein a user can select a school from the database then show the prospectus similar to the PCT BSIT Prospectus picture above then has a checkbox on the side for it to be toggled on/off. Then a submit button should also be on the website.

After the user pressed the submit button, the page should change and display information showing the equivalent PCT BSIT prospectus course description as compared to the user’s toggled on checkbox course codes.

In short, the whole database is about comparing the toggled on course descriptions of other schools to that of the PCT BSIT course descriptions if there are some that will match.

For example (theoretical):

a. a user opens your front-end website and selects other school X b. the school X prospectus-like info with checkboxes on the left side of every course descriptions is shown c. the user toggle on or checks the checkbox of “Introduction to Computing” (assuming that school X has that) then pressed the submit button d. the webpage changes and display the PCT BSIT prospectus-like info wherein the 1st yr 1st sem CC101 Introduction to Computing has its checkbox already checked (prompting that it is the same to that other school X) but this checkbox is not editable or cannot be toggled off.

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