Homework for Lesson Chapter 4 Conducting Market Research

Assignments for lesson "Chapter 4 Conducting Market Research"

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Activity 6 Case: Jollibee Foods Corporation

This will be your first Case Analysis. Please read the Jollibee Foods Corporation
    • Please follow the Case Analysis Format through the link below.
    • PRO TIP: Be resourceful and do more research. Follow the timeline stated in the case.
    • For clarifications or questions regarding this requirement, I can be reached through the following numbers:
      • Globe, which is also my Viber Account: 0917 526 8180
      • Sun: 0943 927 3343
**All Tasks/Quizzes are ideally submitted every week.  The earlier you finish these Activities/Quizzes, will give you more time to focus and refine your Final Requirement.   Jollibee Case Case Sample

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