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Activity 1: Welcome to Marketing Management!

Please take note of the following guidelines before starting your course pack requirements for this semester:
  • If you are not enrolled in this class, please disregard this immediately.
  • All requirements submitted via email will be sent to: lizaladroma@gmail.com
  • The format will be as follows:
    1. Cover Page (Applicable for WAC, Case Analysis and Marketing Plan ONLY)
    2. Font/Size: Arial 12
    3. Spacing: Double
    4. Indention: 1 inch, left and right
    5. Paper Size: I’m fine if whatever is available, as long as it’s bond paper.
    6. Format: PDF or Word File (preferred)
    7. Please let me know as soon as you can if you have concerns.
  • All Reflection Papers will be submitted using the same format and limit it to two (2) pages ONLY. Handwritten may be accepted; please write legibly and neatly.
  • A sample of the requirement format will be sent separately.
  • All Quizzes and Exams must be handwritten; please write legibly and neatly.
    • You can either scan or take a clear photo per number if you prefer thru Viber or Facebook Messenger.
    • PDF or JPEG file format
  • For clarifications or questions regarding the subject topics or requirements, I can be reached through the following numbers:
    1. Globe, which is also my Viber Account: 0917 526 8180
    2. Sun: 0943 927 3343
**All Tasks/Quizzes are ideally submitted every week.  The earlier you finish these Activities/Quizzes, will give you more time to focus and refine your Final Requirement. Activity 1
  1. Upload or email your resume. Include your class expectations, hobbies and interests.
  2. Reflection Paper: How will you place yourself in the market? (Short Bond, two (2) pages ONLY)
  • Use the 7Ps of Marketing.
  • Use the Marketing strategies that you know.
  • What are your strengths? How about weaknesses?
  • How do you deal with both?
  • Do you easily take advantage of opportunities? Or do you evade threats?

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