5-Months Teacher Certificate Program (TCP 24) P 16905.92

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Total = P 16,905.92


Per Unit = P 464.83

8 Comments to “5-Months Teacher Certificate Program (TCP 24) P 16905.92”

  1. I want to enroll in this program.

    1. Hi Joanne Navares,

      Great day! Thank you for your interest to enroll in PCT TCP 24 program. Here is the link to the enrolment online: https://pct-davao.com/how-to/#enrollees . But if you prefer to enroll offline, you can go directly to the PCT School. If you have questions, just ask it here.

  2. I have already paid the DP for the next semester thru RCBC. I want to enroll online.

  3. I have been sending emails about this but nobody has responded. Nobody acknowledged the proof of payment and enrollment for I have submitted thru email. Nobody has given me clear instructions regarding this. Please respond ASAP! I have already said that I cannot do walk-in enrollment since I am currently in abroad.

    1. May I ask what email address did you send the proof of payment?

      1. We apologize for the delay Ma’am.

  4. Hello. Why does anybody not reply to my emails? I don’t understand. I have told that I would choose my class schedule on the class card but I wasn’t informed where I can it. This is ridiculous!

  5. May we know the email address(es) you have been sending to? Also, kindly email your proof of payment to pctdvo@yahoo.com . We really apologize for the inconvenience Ma’am.

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